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The Auction Memorabilia Forum has been launched

The Auction Memorabilia Forum has been launched

The AuctionMemorabilia Forum has been launched and more than 100 people have signed up already!

Are you a music memorabilia collector? Do you want to sell, buy or trade signatures and awards related to Michael Jackson, Madonna or the Beatles? The brand new Auction Memorabilia Forum is waiting for you at!

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Join us…

  • If you’re looking for a safe and free music memorabilia platform.
  • If you want to chat with people who share your interests or if you want to ask for the opinions of more experienced collectors.
  • If you want to get a free appraisal for your music memorabilia and expert opinions on the authenticity of your items.
  • If you want to know which auction houses and eBay sellers are reliable and which ones should be avoided due to their unreliability.
  • If you want to get to know other collectors and become a verified seller, so you can sell music memorabilia at a much higher price compared to eBay.

We have just launched the platform, so users might still run into errors and problems. But we encourage everyone to sign up as soon as they can so we can start building a forum full of valuable information and a community of trusted collectors!

Why Consign With Us?

Why Consign With Us?

Selling your precious music memorabilia is not just a very personal and sometimes emotional decision, but equally important is to make the right financial choice. But how should you pick the best auction company for you?

Although most money is made off the buyers, auction houses require sellers to pay commission on sales. This is the sales commission. Auction houses compete on reputation and fees.
The seller will sign a consignment agreement with the auction house where the commission is the lowest and where their cherished item will likely be sold at the best price. For reasons that are not completely clear, some of the most famous auction houses including Christie’s or Sotheby’s are not so much involved in music memorabilia auctions as they are for selling paintings or jewellery.

Whether it’s Paul McCartney’s guitar or Elton John’s sunglasses, if you want to sell music memorabilia, there are only five options in the world —with among them. offers the lowest commission (15%) in the industry, and there aren’t any hidden fees either. Thanks to the unique services offered on our website (e.g. a database of genuine vs. fake memorabilia), our newsletter reaches many more music collectors compared to other companies.

The below table shows the amount of commission collected by different auction houses on sales as well as the actual sum the seller makes and how much the buyer has to pay. You can also see the amount each auction house makes on different sales.

Why consign item, a collection or rarity with Auction Memorabilia?

Do not hesitate to consign your memorabilia with us. We’ll do our best to realize the highest possible selling price for you. Alternatively, we may buy your collectible directly if you prefer to sell it quickly.
Click here to consign by filling in our form or send us an e-mail with your item description and images: