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An authentic RIAA hologram award presented to Madonna Ciccone for the sale of 2 million CD's & cassettes of the "EROTICA" album.
A very rare type of display with pictures from the album. Beautifully framed with marble matting and colors that match the album motif. Since obtaining it over 20 years ago, it has been carefully stored and never displayed. The black frame itself has minor wear, something I would not even mention, but at this price point I want to be very detailed. And it is still in excellent condition. All the colors are vibrant and nothing has faded.
The back of the award is the original and has FITZGERALD HARTLEY MARKETING - UNDER LICENCE FROM RIAA Sticker. Includes plaque and RIAA trademark Certified Sales Award HOLOGRAM. Very rarely you will see something like this and in such wonderful condition. An iconic album and definitely one of her most controversial as it ties into her infamous SEX BOOK release.

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