Michael Jackson Stage Worn Swarovski Glove

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Michael Jackson's personally owned white, Swarovski crystal-studded glove with one white snap on the wrist, worn on stage by the King of Pop himself during his HIStoric 1996-97 HIStory World Tour. Features a label stitched inside the glove reading "Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush". Includes a typed letter on MJJ Productions letterhead addressed to William Spencer of UNICEF and signed by Administrative Assistant Rosemary Chavira reading: "We are in receipt of your letter dated October 28, 1998 requesting an item from Mr. Jackson. Enclosed please find such an item. Custom worn crystal glove used during the 1996-1997 HIStory World Tour. We thank you for including Mr. Jackson in your fundraising efforts and wish you much success." Also includes a 9" x 12" MJJ Productions envelope dated 1995. Glove in Fine condition, with minor toning/soiling from stage use.

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